Moving from legacy to agile enabled IT is both complex and challenging.

Regardless of your initiative’s phase, Crucial teams will work closely with leadership to increase project quality, reduce risk and prepare the organization for adoption.

Legacy to GraphQL

Next generation API platforms must be flexible, highly performant and continuously adaptable to ever-changing business needs. GraphQL, an open source specification focused on allowing software client applications to request only the data they need, promises to meet all of these requirements for next generation API platforms, and more. But promises aren’t enough. Crucial has experience partnering with organizations of varying maturity with GraphQL, helping instill them with the processes, methodologies, guidance and technology savvy necessary to efficiently deliver successful GraphQL solutions at scale.

Lighthouse Projects

Crucial works with technology leaders to de-risk investments in high-value, highly-visible projects. A “Lighthouse” project not only delivers on its initial value, but can create significant downstream effects. By producing a “high value win,” Crucial dramatically reduces risk, builds team confidence, increases stakeholder buy-in and mitigates detractors. Our approach starts with a single, strategic Lighthouse project, designed to build cross-functional collaboration, increase engagement IQ and greatly increase the odds of initiative success.

Design Systems

A design system unites product teams around a common visual language. It reduces design debt, accelerates the design process, and builds bridges between teams working in concert to bring products to life. Crucial helps build some of the most widely-used technology that sits behind scalable design systems.

Architecture Review

Architecture reviews are an effective way of ensuring design quality and addressing architectural concerns in technology systems. Each review has its own set of objectives - but often they boil down to risk mitigation - to review and identify potential issues with a proposed architecture, prior to the construction phase, to determine architectural feasibility and to evaluate ability to meet quality requirements. Crucial employs industry best practices to perform roadmap and design reviews for organizations of all sizes, helping to ensure the best possible architectures are produced that will guide delivery of the best resulting systems.

Code Audit

Companies are continuously attempting to strike a balance on their technology projects between rapid delivery, quality and effective cost management. To help in this balancing act, it is important to have trusted outside partners who perform code audits at key project milestones. Crucial employs an automated and manual code audit process, performing a comprehensive analysis of source code in software projects with the intent of discovering bugs, security breaches or violations of programming conventions. Our code audits make up an integral part of defensive programming paradigm for our clients, reducing critical software errors before product release.

Code Augmentation

When key issues are found in software projects, they are often at the worst possible time. Project deadlines can’t move and the team is under pressure to deliver. As a trusted technology partner, we at Crucial are ready to help your team address key software and system vulnerabilities, whether they arise from our code audit or come to light in other ways. Our goal is to partner with you and your team to ensure successful delivery of key features that can make all the difference in having a successful project delivery.


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