We’re Crucial - the seasoned technologists behind Digital Transformation.

They’ll have to pry Crucial from my cold dead hands!

Andrew McGrath, Head of DX, Refinitiv

Moving from legacy to agile enabled IT is both complex and challenging.

We are a team of talented software developers, strategists and entrepreneurs - who enjoy delivering in the clutch for high-profile and high-risk initiatives.

Crucial is a Minneapolis, MN, and Portland, OR-based software consultancy specializing in deploying high-caliber launch teams for Lighthouse projects as part of Digital Transformation efforts. Our team partners with some of the largest brands in the world to deliver high-quality software that modernizes, transforms and prepares companies for the future.

Our team was carefully vetted for their technical expertise and their proven ability to deliver in the clutch for demanding and high-profile projects. But knowledge and expertise are not enough. It never has been. We pride ourselves on the ability to collaborate, iterate and gain consensus.

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Crucial believes customer success + satisfaction is inextricably intertwined.

While we believe success is delivering world-class results, we understand how an organization undergoes and responds to Digital Transformation is equally as critical.

Learn how we’ve worked with some of the world’s most recognized organizations.

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Legacy to GraphQL

Next generation API platforms must be flexible, highly performant and continuously adaptable to ever-changing business needs.

Lighthouse Projects

Crucial works with technology leaders to de-risk investments in high-value, highly-visible projects. A Lighthouse project not only delivers on its initial value, but can create significant downstream effects.

Design Systems

A design system unites product teams around a common visual language. It reduces design debt, accelerates the design process, and builds bridges between teams working in concert to bring products to life.

Architecture Review

Architecture reviews are an effective way of ensuring design quality and addressing architectural concerns in technology systems.

Code Audit

Companies are continuously attempting to strike a balance on their technology projects between rapid delivery, quality and effective cost management.

Code Augmentation

When key issues are found in software projects, they are often at the worst possible time. Project deadlines can’t move and the team is under pressure to deliver.


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